Yongsheng Jet Suction Dredger Loaded to Yanan

The Yongsheng Jet Suction Dredger was loaded into Yan 'an last month and arrived at its destination.

dredging machine

In order to ensure the quality of the equipment, the dredger was successfully tested in the experimental pool and recorded for after-sales service enquiries.


In order to ensure the convenience of transportation, the dredger is disassembled and shipped according to the process.

Jet Suction Dredger

Yongsheng Dredging Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 1990, is a professional manufacturer to develop Cutter Suction Dredger, Jet Suction Dredger, Bucket Wheel Dredger, Mining Dredger, Logistic Barge, Jack up platform, Work Boat, Weed Cutting Dredger, Sand Making and Sand Washing Equipment.

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