Chain Bucket Sand Picking Dredger: YS-WSC500D


YS-WSC500D Chain Bucket Sand Dredger has low operation cost, high safety factor and convenient operation. High production efficiency and strong adaptability. It can adapt to complex working conditions.

chain bucket sand picking dredger

Chain bucket sand picking dredger can work independently for 20 hours per day. The number of operators was small, only 2 per shift, and their main duty was to observe and control the dredger. This kind of equipment is very friendly to projects without professional personnel.

Chain bucket dredger for the operator's professional requirements are not high, only can complete the maintenance and replacement of accessories independently, maintain the normal operation of equipment. This is due to the simple design of the chain bucket dredger and Yongsheng company on its own components have reached the relevant industry standard design.

The digging depth of the chain bucket sand dredger can be set independently according to the required conditions, such as the depth of the sand layer and the depth of mining. The excavation depth of chain bucket sand dredger from 2m to 14m can meet most of the excavation projects, which will not waste resources, and can meet the profit.


Output: can be designed from 60 to 600 m³/h(design and manufacture according to customer's output requirements and specific working conditions).

Yongsheng chain bucket sand dredger not only has the characteristics of high safety factor, easy operation, but also has the advantages of high production efficiency, strong adaptability, low cost.

The total production cost from sand mining, screening and transportation is the equipment of production cost in sand mining industry. The excavation depth and hourly excavation output can be set independently according to specific working conditions and requirements. It is a very ideal sand mining equipment.

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Total Length

Hull Length

Hull Width

Hull Height

Dredging Depth


Gross Power


Operating System

Electronic control operating system



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66 days


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