Yongsheng Small and Medium-Sized Desilting Equipment Introduction


Small and medium-sized desilting equipment as a kind of, can be pumped, can dig desilting equipment is widely used in river, lake, port and other areas of construction desilting. 

Small and medium-sized desilting equipment has the advantages of flexible use, fast speed, labor saving, wide application scope and so on. 

Below for you to introduce the main Yongsheng small desilting equipment.

desiliting equipment

1. Multi-function working boat (anchor boat) : widely used in offshore and inland rivers, it can provide anchor, oil supply and personnel transport supply for dredgers and other ships.

2. Excavator platform: used for messy river, complex water dredging, strong applicability, widely used in dredging and piling operations.


3. Salt digging ship (product) : underwater mining, mining, cleaning in one of the salt mining machinery.

4. The reservoir dredging ship: suitable for the depth of reservoir, gate dredging, dredging depth up to 12 meters. 

Designed, produced according to ZC standard, easy to transport and assemble, it has been successfully exported to Ecuador, Guyana and many other countries.


5. Shoot suction type pumping barge: the requirements of the construction site stone content shall not exceed 20% of the soft sand for construction geology. 

The whole ship can be disassembled, can be loaded into containers, suitable for rail and road transportation and shipping. Passed the European CE certification.

desiliting equipment

6. Mowing and dredging boat (product): The boat is equipped with spiral/cutting reamers, self-navigable and equipped with non-clogging pumps to clean up rubbish, weeds, etc., suitable for inland river and landscape lake dredging and mowing treatment work.


In addition, the dredging equipment developed by the company also includes underwater pump dredger, amphibious excavator, bucket wheel dredger, double pump dredger and other dredging equipment, and can be customized according to customer needs, you are welcome to come to visit and buy our products.

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